Eligibility for Membership

  • Members and former members of the Georgia Army and Air National Guard
  • Members of Reserve Components of the Armed Services of the United States
  • Members of the Georgia State Defense Force
  • Employees of the Imery’s Kaolin Companies/Dry Branch Kaolin and Engelhard/BASF Kaolin, their Contractors, employees, and retirees.
  • Organizations whose membership is primarily composed of the foregoing shall also be eligible for membership in the Credit Union.
  • Any persons related by blood, adoption, or marriage to or living in the same household with a person within the common bond, and to the surviving spouses of deceased members whose eligibility is mentioned above.

How To Join:

1. Print the Membership Application below and complete all fields.

Membership Account Application

  • If you wish to open a savings/membership account, please send in no less than $25.00. This includes the $20 once lifetime membership fee and the $5 minimum balance requirement for the savings account.
  • If you wish to open a checking account, you must open a membership account first, as it is a requirement for any type of account with the Credit Union even when applying for a loan. The checking account requires a minimum deposit of $50.00 to open. This includes a $25 minimum balance to open and $25 to cover any check orders/card orders. Please note: You must send in the $25 to open the savings as well. The total amount of money you should send in is $75.00.
  • Make sure to send a copy of your Military ID or Driver's License. This information is required by the Patriot Law and OFAC.

2. After completing all information on the membership application, please mail it to:

Georgia Guard Credit Union
1030 Shurling Dr. @ GMI/RTI
Macon, GA 31211

If you have any questions concerning any of this, please contact a Member Services Representative locally at (478) 741-4428 or toll free at (888) 999-4428.